I feel like I have deleted this page several times in my head. I’m not one that is lost for words by any means but when you feel unqualified, you don’t exactly know where to start. But you do.

So, I am. Today I am starting on a journey in this beautiful world of art and creativity. I don’t know where it will go or where it will lead, but I'm excited to watch it all unfold.


My goal is to create beautiful pieces that help create beautiful spaces. Taking bare walls and make them spectacular. Taking a fireplace mantel and add an extra element of coziness. To walk into a baby’s room and see a stillness of color above their crib. So many possibilities. What I love is making a house feel like a home. Creating a place where everyone loves coming over. Taking a room and find everyone congregating in its space. My hope is to have just a small piece of beauty in everyone’s home.

Here we go! The shop is now open and in the next few weeks I’ll introduce you to me, my husband, our kids and everything that I love. I hope you join me!


Michelle SarabiaComment